For the last year, I have been trying to figure out what I am meant to be doing, how do I help other women build a business they love? Why is it the businesses I was building didn’t keep me passionate and engaged? I have over 13 years’ experience working in product development, design, global sourcing and business development across multiple retail related divisions. I have launched 2 start-up companies and pride myself on connecting the dots for entrepreneurs in their businesses. But I kept asking God to send me a sign as to what was I meant to do in this world. I mean I am 36 years old, shouldn’t I know by now? Then I was told 2 weeks after my 36th birthday that I have breast cancer. Was this his answer? I don’t know, what I am committed to is this journey I am about to go on help more women like me, along the way.

This is my place to lay it all out there, anger, frustration, pain, and fear . . . yes all of it. See how I am smiling in this picture? It was the day before I was waiting on the diagnosis, don't I look happy and confident? Don't be fooled, we are all wearing some sort of mask, mine was, "I'm scared I might have cancer. Which one are you wearing?" 

This is my journey. This is for all the women out there who are fighting to build a life they love, despite their health challenges, their own internal states or outside circumstances. Being a warrior is not about hiding your vulnerability and appearing strong 24/7, it’s about being open and honest about what you are dealing with - the raw, the ugly, the sad and the painful. Life is messy and we are all dealing with something we don't want to talk about.  My first thoughts were, “tell no one!” I didn’t want to be looked after, or pitied. THAT’S STUPID! Living in an isolation of our own making does more harm then good. Just you living in your head with your thoughts is a dangerous place, because all your neighbors are haters. LOL!  

“Don't wish for less problems, thank God for the ones you have, because guaranteed your worse day is someone else's best day.” – Sekou Andrews

Photo by Desiree Eatmon

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